Putting on colors from the drawer of hues

Popular series echino is introducing a cotton sateen fabric, perfect for sewing clothing. The name is Huedrawer. It is a coined word consisting of the words hue and drawer. This new collection was created with a theme, “feeling like putting on a ‘color’ from a ‘drawer of hues.’”

“Making you want to go out and feel the nature wrapped in a nice and silky fabric – that was the image I had when I designed this fabric. Different expressions created by various combinations of colors, and the process of selecting bright colors from the “Huedrawer = the drawer of hues” are the elements incorporated in this design. With these elements, Huedrawer is the kind of textile that makes you want to pleasantly contemplate which one to use for your project.” (by Furuya)

Bearing in mind that this fabric should be versatile for clothes making, the composition is simple by not having too many animal motifs or patterns. In every design, silver and gold prints are scattered in spots, creating a subtle yet delightful optical image. While echino normally comes in cotton/linen canvas, this collection is a soft and silky cotton sateen which is perfect for sewing a one-piece dress and tunics.

stag JG99900-900 60 Sateen JG99900-900_2

“stag’s design consists of a very echino-like combination of male deer and zigzag pattern. A distinctive stag motif is the accent of this textile. With small patterns, it is a versatile fabric for making anything from small items to clothing. Depending on the combination of the colors, the design could create a unisex image.” (by Furuya)

atori JG99900-901  60 Sateen JG99900-901_2

“On this fabric, an aligned illustration of a bird called “atori” is featured. When you look at it closely, you may notice silver and gold bees that were captured by the bird. Through these elements, echino-feel is reflected on a fabric with a lovely pattern. Though a blouse or a dress would look great in this fabric, it would be fun to incorporate the bee as an accent when making small items.

soaring  JG99900-902 60 Sateen JG99900-902_2

“The birds that are spreading their wings and flying away – this is the design image behind soaring. As varying color combination creates different images, a grown-up-like dress, tunic and skirt would look great in this fabric. In this design, a subtly sparkling bird is also flying among a sea of birds.” (by Furuya)

mountain  JG99900-903 60 Sateen JG99900-903_2

“With a range of mountains in the distance in mind, a graphic representation of mountains are described on this fabric. Using the design that spread over the edge of this 110cm-wide fabric, it will be interesting to sew a dress or a masculine shirt. I also recommend this fabric for an interior décor item, like a fabric panel.” (by Furuya)