Motifs taken from a scene reminiscent of somewhere you have been before

A new collection from echino’s Huedrawer is here. Huedrawer was created with the theme, “feeling like putting on a ‘color’ from a ‘drawer of hues.’
A silky cotton sateen fabric comes in very bright colors, producing a light feel. It is a textile perfect for clothing as well as for bags and small items. The theme for the new collection is “one scene.” Motifs from nature and scenes reminiscent of somewhere you have been before are recreated with patterns in familiar designs. As an accent, silver and gold prints are sporadically featured in all fabrics. Through this treatment, a subtle light overtone can be appreciated.

fox box  JG96300-300 60Sateen JG96300-300_1kokka-fabric.comJG96300-300_2

The design features foxes peeking out of burrows that are drawn in a “box” form. Though the design is simple, silver and gold sides of the box work as an accent, making this fabric look both cute and unique. Since the motifs are little, small items as well as bags and shirts will look great in this fabric. Black and blue color series can be perfectly utilized for items with unisex feel.

cloud JG96300-301 60Sateen JG96300-301_2

With silhouette of animals peeking out here and there, the image behind this design is a layer of clouds. While the design features a solid mass of clouds, stripe and glittering silver print creates a feel fit for an adult. This design is recommended for making shirts and bags.

fragment JG96300-302 60Sateen JG96300-302_2

The birds that are looking for triangle and small sparkling pieces are featured. Tiny silver pieces covering the entire fabric reflect beautifully against the soft and silky cotton sateen. Overall design of small motifs make it versatile when you cut any part of the fabric. Perfect for anything from small items to clothing, a simple dress and tunic in this fabric will look stylish.

groveJG-96303 60Sateen JG96300-303_3

The design represents the shades of a grove. Utilizing the width of the fabric, clothing like a dress and a long skirt will be nice or it can be decorated as interior wall covering. 110cm-wide width allows you to use the fabric in a dramatic manner. Why not try for a bold look?