Ready-To-Sew Fabric

You can make matching pouches and bags!

With this series, you can make a bag by just cutting and sewing the fabrics’ motifs. It comes in two designs, bags and animals. Sewing beginners can even make a variety of bags without a pattern by cutting the shape as shown on the fabric.

bags P38900-900 Oxford (Ox) P38900-900_2

These bags feature four motifs in one panel. In addition to a large bag, smaller items like a pouch and clutch bag are included. The pouch and mini bag can be enjoyed by themselves or as a bag-in-a-bag.

animals P38900-901 Oxford (Ox) P38900-901_2

Another design of this series features many kinds of animals. The polka dots pattern in the background helps make the real-looking animal appear cute. You can cut the motif to create a pouch, or turn it into a lovely bag charm by adding ribbons and laces.