Ready-to-Sew Fabric & Neon Pop

Pop design fabric that is fun to sew and use

This time we are introducing two different series: ”Ready-to-Sew Fabric” and “Neon Pop.” The Ready-to-Sew Fabric features a bag design which can just be cut and sewn to make a tote bag. The other series, Neon Pop, is a simple design combined with beautiful polka dots and stripes. Both fabrics come in and easy-to-sew oxford (Ox).

Denim Bag  P35600-600 Oxford (Ox)

The large emblem of a crown stands out in this design. This fabric is also accented with denim-like stitch lines. The areas with English letters can be used for a side gusset and the border area will make cute handles.

French Bulldog P35600-600 Oxford (Ox)

The combination of mono-color French bulldogs and polka dots create a lovely design. Special attention was paid as to which colors to use for polka dots. This fabric will look good as a tote bag or a pouch.

Thought Bubble P35600-601 Oxford (Ox)

Often featured in Zakka (knickknacks) products, thin and long font letters are designed in a thought bubble. Gold and silver lamé embellishes the inside of the thought bubble. It is a perfect fabric for making a stylish fashion Zakka, such as a clutch bag.