Border with changing patterns

Enjoying the design combination in one fabric

When making clothing or bags, it is always fun to think about different design and color combinations. At the same time, we often hear people say, “I am unable to decide since there are too many options.” Today’s textile is perfect for such an occasion. It is a fun border fabric which allows you to casually enjoy different design combinations!

“The idea behind this series, which incorporate different designs in one fabric, is to make it possible for someone to create an interesting bag or a small case by using only one kind of fabric.” (by Kokka Creative Director)

The center part is for a big bag. The borders on both edges are perfect for a small case. A polka dots pattern can be used for a pocket…One fabric has a variety of possibilities. Why not create items to make your outing fun, like a matching bag and case?

Feminine Border P33000-300  Oxford (OX)

The design on this fabric combines large stripes and hand drawn polka dots that look like powdery snow. For making a bag, you may use the stripe for the main part, polka dots as a transitional piece and add an accent with a bias binding tape in a slightly different color. We hope you will enjoy the fun of combining different colors using only one fabric.

Camouflage Border P33000-301 Oxford (OX)

Contrasting with the Feminine Border, this cool color tone fabric in camouflage design creates a masculine feel. It is suitable for making a bag with handles using the part with English letters, or for a plain clutch bag.