pastel trefle

Double gauze fabric perfect for children’s summer clothing

This is a series that is suitable for use for the upcoming season. A soft pastel tone is perfect for children’s clothing. Small motifs are suited for making face masks. With good absorbency, it can be used to make a drink bottle holder. When making bags and pouches, why not try adding some quilt batting or cotton padding to create a slightly different and softer look.

Dot Owl  P35500-500 Double Gauze

Design motifs drawn with lines are accentuated with natural looking polka dots. The comical look of the owl is lovely. A cloth for wrapping a lunch box and matching drink holder will make a nice project.

Fruit Border P35500-501 Double Gauze

A pattern of horizontally aligned sliced fruit create a joyful look. A girl’s dress or boy’s shirt will have a look of a cute fruit border.

Dot Flower  P35500-502 Double Gauze

A combination of soft color tones and dots go well with the double gauze’s tender feel. Clothing for grownups will look great in gray based combinations.

Clover P35500-503 Double Gauze

The look of a clover spreads all throughout the fabric. Squirrels that appear here and there add an accent. A bag with a cotton padding will have softness and look lovely.