Trefle Cucito

Double gauze for grown-ups in understated color tones

Soft and superabsorbent double gauze material is popular for making children’s clothing and face masks. Trefle Cucito was created with the hope that grown-ups will choose this soft double gauze fabric to enjoy its texture to make clothing. The flowers and butterfly motifs are finished in chic designs with understated color tones.

Butterfly H11200-200 Double Gauze

The polka dot designs are lined up in a rhythmic nature. The butterflies are hidden here and there among the double dots. Mustard color and blue fabric slightly remind you of Scandinavia. With this fabric, you can create a unique piece of clothing.

hana H11200-201 Double Gauze

The design features line-drawn flowers that are placed in a row of specimens. The woven pattern with a herringbone motif creates a subdued look. Without a strong design statement, this fabric is versatile and can be enjoyed by many different age groups.

Hydrangea  H11200-202 Double Gauze

The design that features line-drawn hydrangeas is accented with fine lines. A delicate pattern that looks like an embroidery makes this design look distinctive. Why not go out in a simple grown up style dress in this fabric?