Trefle Cucito

The Theme is Wearable Double Gauze for Grown Ups

Double gauze is normally thought to be used for a baby’s items or face masks with designs targeted for children. The featured fabric, Trefle Cucito, is created under the theme, “Wearable Gauze Fabric for Grown Ups.” Understated elegant color tones and gentle motifs will broaden the possibilities for fashion styling.

Beehive P38800-800 Double Gauze P38800-800_2

Looking closely, you will notice a beehive design with aligned hexagonal shapes and occasional flying bees in gold lamé. A matching outfit in different colors will be stylish, like a child’s dress in a light color and a dress for an adult in a dark color.

Gull P38800-801 Double Gauze P38800-801_2

In Gull, a large motif of seagulls catches one’s attention. The background is enhanced with an uneven-looking dye. This fabric will be great for making a fluffy shaped bag.

Constellation P38800-802 Double Gauze P38800-802_2

Stars are flying around as if they were stamped onto the fabric. The plain colors are carefully chosen to represent the constellations in the evening sky. Why not plan going out in a simple one-piece dress made from this fabric?