Colorful animals are all gathered here!

Today’s fabric is by Niji$uke, the artist featured in KOKKA Fabric’s recent Inspiration column. The overall theme is colorful with animals as design motifs.

“The underlying theme is to create something for people of all ages and both sexes without being too childish or cutesy. Rather than repeating small motifs, the design consists of one big motif, spread fully over one meter. You can simply cut the fabric to frame and make a fabric board, or turn it into an oversized pillow. I hope you will challenge yourself to create something bold that you have never tried before.” (by Niji$uke)

Rainbow and Animals(Almost all collection)JG46000-1 Oxford (Ox) JG46000_1_1

Niji$uke says, “The animals are placed in a cheerful atmosphere with a backdrop of a sky at different times, like night and day or sunrise and sunset. The overall tone is colorful. The animals are placed at the top and the bottom in an inverted position with a background of the skies in various colors. It is great that you get two different patterns in one fabric.”

Chimpanzee with a Flower Bouquet (chimpanzee model) JG46000-2 Oxford (Ox) JG46000_2_1 JG46000_2_2

According to Niji$uke, “A chimpanzee with a flower bouquet motif is placed to its fullest on this fabric. The background is filled with a block of dots and borders. I tried to create a design that nobody has ever tried before! While the overall color tone is calm, the white flower bouquet in the chimpanzee’s hand catches your attention, bringing out a soft impression of the fabric.”

Diamond Check in Dots and Animals (Diamond cheek Pattern) JG-46000-3 Oxford (Ox) JG46000_3_1 JG46000_3_2

“A diamond check design is created with a repeated line of dots and animals that appear in various locations. The diamond check in repeated squares is designed with colorful round shapes. This treatment fully brings out the cuteness of the animals. As for a color, I paid extra attention to every single dot and line to recreate an analog touch. This way, the colors are coordinated and look united with the animals.” (by Niji$uke)