Geometry of the Nordic 2

interesting repeated motifs create a fun element

With a theme, “Putting on a simple Scandinavian design,” this is a second series of the Geometry of the Nordic. While the first series mainly featured such geometric motifs as dots and triangles, this new series pays extra attention to individual motifs. These motifs are expressed in an interesting fashion as repeated elements. Glossy sateen fabric drapes beautifully and is perfect for creating dresses and blouses. Interior décor items and everyday reusable bags in different colors will also look stylish in this fabric.

flower P30300ー300  60sateen

Roses and poppies are drawn with a touch of paper cutouts. Any clothing, especially a dress, will look so cute in this fabric! Of course, this is a perfect fabric for creating a simple interior accent item like a throw pillow.

triangle P30300-301 60sateen

The design itself is simple with repeated triangles. What makes this fabric lovely are the dots and stripe patterns drawn in the triangle, as if making the design look like a garland. This thin fabric is perfect not only for a dress but also for a reusable bag.

swallow P30300-302 60sateen

This textile features flying swallows with a paper cutout look, like the flower fabric. The swallows in different sizes and numbers cover the entire fabric. Incorporating the entire design will bring such life to a dress made with this material.