petit bonheur

A fabric that brings you a small bit of happiness

The name of this series, petit bonheur, is a French expression, meaning a small bit of happiness.
This time we are featuring a lovely fabric with lined-up small motifs created by a French designer. Cotton sateen material is perfect for making clothes. A “not-too-cute, yet a little twisted” design will be stylish for grown-up’s outfit. A small pattern with an aligned identical motif is suitable for small items. Why not deliver a small bit of happiness through clothing and small cases?

faon P33500-500 60Sateen P33500-500_2

  • P33500_500_6
  • P33500-500_7
  • P33500_500_8

The design motif of faon is polka dots with fawn. Small polka dots are combined with large dots and a fawn design inside. The different color ribbons on the single-color fawn create a design accent. A little girl’s dress will look really cute in this fabric.

pas de chat P33500-501 60sateen

This fabric features cats with a little annoying look that is so irresistible. What makes it even cuter is its red ears. Covered with small motifs all over, any part of this fabric is lovely to use. It is a fabric that is perfect for making a small case.

robot P33500-502 60satten

This is an attractive fabric with tiny robots in an orderly line. Why not make a shirt for ‘Stylish Boys (Oshare Danshi)’*?
The pink version will make a lovely dress for a girl.

*Stylish Boys (Oshare Danshi): Oshare means stylish and Danshi means boys in Japanese. Lately Japanese boys who are interested in fashion are increasing in numbers and they are referred as Oshare Danshi in the Japanese fashion world.

voiture  P33500-503 60Sateen

Running classic cars are featured as motifs for voiture. This fabric is also perfect for making a shirt for ‘Stylish Boys’. Enjoy the different color combination of the cars and the background.