Trefle Petit Series

Tiny Print Fabric Perfect for Making Small Items

A lovely fabric perfect for making small items like bags and pouches is here. This fabric comes in calmer tones, making it suitable for creating items for adults. An easy to sew Oxford fabric is fitting for sewing beginners. Combining it with a trendy denim, you can make a stylish shirt.

Sheep In A Hat  P37400-400 Oxford (Ox) P37400-400_2

Lined-up sheep create a stripe, with lovely sheep in a tricorn hat as an accent. In the design, backward facing sheep are hidden here and there.

Bear In The Woods P37400-401 Oxford (Ox) P37400-401_2

Stocky and flat faced bears are lining up in the woods. The design has a retro feel with dusty tones that make it unique.

Toy Robot  P37400-402 Oxford (Ox) P37400-402_2

Toy Robot features boys’ favorite motif, robots. Tiny robots with slightly different expressions and bodies are jumping around in the sea of shining stars. The design is fun and pop, looking as if an interesting story is about to start.