petit trèfle

A double gauze fabric with small prints – perfect for children’s clothing

Soft double gauze has high absorbency and its airy texture is perfect for making children’s clothing. On today’s fabric, petit trèfle, a small single motif appears repeatedly. As the design spreads throughout the fabric, you can use any part of it without worrying about matching the patterns of the cut pieces. The ones with robots and busses are great for boys shirts, while the cupcake design and elephant print are recommended for making girls dresses. The gauze fabric has perfect qualities for making masks. With many color variations, you will have fun wearing different choices.

Bus  P24600-600 Double Gauze

  • pe600_2
  • pe600_3
  • pe600_4

An American school bus is an inspiration for this design. The pop look is enhanced by the English word balloons.

Elephant P24600-601 Double Gauze

  • pe601_2
  • pe601_3
  • pe601_4

The elephants are adorned with the alphabet and flowers, creating a psychedelic feel. The apples in a row and retro inspired color tones will look nice on girly girls.

Cupcake P24600-602 Double Gauze

  • pe602_2
  • pe602_3
  • pe602_4

What a cute pastel tone fabric with sweet motifs! Like the front window of a cupcake store, different flavors of cupcakes are all over the fabric. Embellish it with laces and ribbons for girls who love fairy tales.

Robot P24600-603 Double Gauze

  • pe603_2
  • pe603_3
  • pe603_4

A colorful robot design is so lovely. This shirt was designed with a sprightly young boy in mind.