Fujiyoshi Brother’s TEXTILE

Kaleidoscope of colors create magical rhythms

The Much-awaited Fujiyoshi Brother’s TEXTILE is finally here! Fujiyoshi Brother’s is an art unit formed by two brothers, Taichiro Fujiyoshi (older brother) and Koutaro Fujiyoshi (younger brother) in 2000. Their works are very distinctive with vivid colors and dynamic touches. The brothers are active in various fields of the art world including live painting, movies and theatrical arts. The world of Fujiyoshi Brother’s is now re-created into a fabric. The first of the series is themed, “Walk of Eyes.” Koutaro says, “Gorgeously colored animals and a bit mysterious plants…I hope you enjoy the rhythm created through a combination of these creatures and colors.” With such an eye-catching design, these fabrics are perfect not only for children’s clothing and bags but also for interior décor accents such as fabric panels.

Wonderland JG35000-1 Oxford (Ox) 

  • 35000_1_2
  • 35000_1_3
  • 35000_1_4

A “Wonderland” – there may be an island like this somewhere on the globe. It is a mysterious place where many animals exist. Such a fun-filled world is condensed into this fabric. With large design motifs, Wonderland is suited for such items as curtains and fabric panels.

Colorful Animals JG35000-2 Oxford (Ox) 

  • 35000_2_2
  • 35000_2_3
  • 35000_2_4

This fabric is overflowing with images of colorful animals. Whether it is pale tones or black, the color scheme completely transforms the feel of this fabric. Cut out your favorite animal motif to create a lovely sachet or charms

Film JG35000-3 Oxford (Ox) 

  • 35000_3_2
  • 35000_3_1
  • 35000_3_4

Memories of animals that you encountered in “Wonderland” are placed on the fabric in a film-like manner. Combining different colors is a stylish approach in utilizing this fabric.