Anna Berger

Colorful fabrics that make your heart filled with blitheness

Scandinavian designer Anna Berger’s fabric is here. Featuring animals and flowers as motifs, Anna expresses her unique interpretations of a colorful and soothing world through her designs. Also working successfully as a designer of kids products for Färg&Form Sweden, she incorporates her past experiences of designing costumes for children’s theater on TV into fun designs.

Houses JG48500-4 Oxford (Ox)

The inspiration for this motif came from the small 1940s houses in her neighborhood. Anna says, “The houses built in that era are painted in different colors like blue, red and green. Every time I see them, I am fascinated by their charms.”

Summer flowers  JG48500-1 Oxford (Ox)

  • JG48500-1_1

This series features brightly blooming summer flowers in the garden. In Anna’s garden, various flowers adorn the place with their bright colors in the spring and summer.

Hedgehogs  JG48500-2 Oxford (Ox)

“I love adorable hedgehogs and I am hoping that they will come and visit my garden someday. Every autumn I collect fallen leaves, thinking that a family of hedgehogs would appear, but shy hedgehogs have yet to come. Instead, a family of snails have made my garden their home and they are featured in this design.”(by Anna)

Retro tulips JG48500-3

“Featuring motifs that are larger than the ones in ‘Summer flowers’, the design for this fabric is tulips that bear colorful flowers in the spring. ‘Retro tulip’ is drawn in a simple style, making you a bit nostalgic.” (by Anna)