plump cheeks

Proposing an intelligent yet cute fabric!

The name plump cheeks means inflated cheeks in English. This intelligent yet cute fabric in four different designs is presented with a concept to inflate with knowledge, creativity and fun. Various materials like Oxford (Ox) and cotton/linen canvas will add fun in choosing the perfect fabric for different projects.

Vintage Embroidery Knit H3080-1 Oxford (Ox)

A vintage knit embroidery was used as a motif for this fabric. Green elements add an accent to a colorful flower design. By using different parts of the fabric, you can enjoy making cases with small flowers or a turban with large flowers on both edges. Incorporating it crosswise will create a skirt with large flowers right on the hem.

Nostalgic*Butterfly H3090-1 Cotton/Linen Canvas

Slightly nostalgic retro design and coloring makes this an attractive fabric. The ideas are limitless… creating a patchwork using all four colors, pink, blue, beige and gray, or making a fabric board or a throw pillow. It will add a nice touch to an antique style interior décor. You may also enjoy creating a bag with beige and blue or gray and pink color combinations.

Check√ Bakery  H3110-1 Broadcloth

This delicious looking fabric features a baguette and half-melon shaped bread as motifs. The gingham check background comes in three different colors – pink, blue and beige. A girly-looking apron in this fabric will be a perfect match for cooking tasty dishes. You can choose from a natural tone beige, sweet pink or fresh looking blue, whichever fits your mood. Using the fabric sideways, a café curtain will look stylish.

Croissant♥ Buffet  H3100-1 #10 Canvas

Croissant motifs cover this fabric in an overall tone of brown. If you like a natural looking style, this can be used as a main design motif. If you are going for a glitzy look, the fabric will be great as a background base or as an additional design accent. A solid and tight canvas is just right for a bag as well as for a table cloth.