soft breeze

A fabric that evokes a soft breeze

Perfect for sewing clothing, a double gauze fabric is here! W (Double) gauze is a material with double-layered gauze fabric. Without being too thick or see-through, it can be worn throughout the year. Yes, it is just right to make a one-piece dress or a tunic. Depending on the color, the designs like floral or patchwork could be turned into a chic adult garment or a charming children’s outfit. Isn’t it lovely to put on a handmade matching dress for mom and daughter together?

tiny flower P31300-300 W (double) Gauze P31300-300_1P31300-300_2

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Full of tiny flowers, this soft feel design will look really lovely in a puff sleeve shirt! Besides making clothing, this pattern is perfect for small items like a face mask. Well-suited with a solid linen material, you will enjoy making a bag or a small case combined with a linen fabric.

Dot Patch  P31300-301 W (double) Gauze P31300-301_2

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This polka dot patchwork fabric with a slight retro-feel would look great as a tunic. Depending on the color, it has a different look. How about pink for kid’s dress or making a tunic for moms in calmer colors? Why not enjoy making clothing that can be enjoyed by both moms and kids?

Circle Flower P31300-302 W (double) Gauze P31300-302_2

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Circle Flower is a textile that was designed in an atelier in France. When printed on the double gauze material, it created a soft and lovely image. In contrast to the soft-toned overall design, two darker color borders are added to pull the design together. These borders will look really adorable as a hem for a dress or a skirt.