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Yumi Kanaya,aka. Y*RT2 HANDMADE made a lovely reversible bag at our craft & sewing page, which was made using lace and Nijisuke’s animal print. ‘I also create a lot of handicrafts!’ said Kanaya. So, I’d love to feature her creations here.

The photo above shows compact mirrors which are the result of a collaboration with sobakasu-kids, who creates animal brooches and dolls. Surprisingly Kanaya independently ‘manufactured’ original fabrics using sobakasu-kids’s illustration.
Look, her jumping rabbits coax a smile.

These are cross-stitch compact mirrors. They are proudly dressed up with lace and ribbon.

These are hand stitched iphone cases!! “I found punctured cases. I tried to insert a needle into the perforations; it worked! So, I stitched like cross-stitch.” (Kanaya)5_kanayayumi

This is her speciality, lace! Ribbon brooches made from covered buttons featuring black and red which creates an aura of ‘otona-kawaii’(*1).

Here are cross-stitch zipper pouches. “They can be used as a pochette if you attach a chain handle’ said Kanaya.

For further information about Kanaya’s creations,
please go to her site:

*1 Otona-kawaii
adult-cute when translated literally into English.
It is used to refer to fashion style of adult women characterized by makeup and clothing that emphasizes cuteness.