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Super cute! Tiny Bag


Sometimes used for keeping coins, sometimes for carrying accessories…. A palm sized tiny bag tickles girl’s hearts; and no matter how many we have, we want more. Kaori Sawa, handicraft creator aka. Caunes+KaOriRi is among the diehard fans of such cute bags.

Above is a bag made from pink linen decorated with suede flowers. It’s an extremely lovely figure! A pop-arty flower print can also be found the inner lining of the bag.
“This size is suitable for point cards and credit cards. We can also use this as a name card case.” (Kaori Sawa)

This card case is inspired by the aesthetic of presents. Pale pink cotton with a purple velvet ribbon is used, with handles added in the same ribbon. We can create various designs dependent upon season and situation.

Sawa’s creation theme is ‘simple and kawaii (cute)’. Apart from ‘the tiny bag series’, she creates quite a few other sized bags and accessories. Each creation is made from unique fabrics and materials she is fond of collecting.

The bag shown in the photo above is made from mangle cloth; German antique linen creates a gentle atmosphere by adding an old doily. The shape of this bag is the same as the mini purse with a drawstring bag we introduce in the craft and sewing column.

The photo above shows circle shaped brooches which made of gathering fabrics. Brilliant pompom flower like colors would be fashionable accent for a chic and simple dress.


You can see Sawa’s creations at: