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Tsumami-zaiku accessories

At the end of April there was a hobby show in Tokyo, where various handicraft artists exhibited their creations. I bumped into a lovely accessory brand called ‘Tsumami –zaiku’ made by Tsuyutsuki.

‘tsumami-zaiku’ is a kind of Japanese traditional craft. The method of production is to pinch the fabrics with tweezers, and fold the fabrics into shape without using needles or threads. The name Tsumami is derived from this process.
This is the technique used to make Kanzashi, a Japanese hairpin.
Tsuyutsuki makes necklaces, corsages and hair pieces using cotton and linen instead of silk. Her concept is ‘tsumami-saiku suitable for daily wear’.

The above photo is her major masterpiece, a natural corsage.
‘I intend to choose chic colors which mature women can use. This is one of them. I use various shades of pink.’(Tsuyutsuki)
She sent several photos so let’s introduce them one by one.

This is an example how to wear the natural corsage. If we use it with a pearl necklace, even a simple dress could become gorgeous.

A white natural corsage. ‘This is one of my popular series as well as pink one. This is perfect for a children’s entrance ceremony. It works well for any style of dress.’(Tsuyutsuki)

A single-flower corsage. ‘Since it uses a two way pin: hair pin and safety pin, we can use in various situations such as bags, hats, and hair accessories’(Tsuyutsuki)

A flower clip. ‘Originally I made them for kids but they gained popularity among ladies as well. So, I began to make a chic color version.’(Tsuyutsuki)

Daisy necklaces. ‘These are inspired from lily daisies. They could be suitable as a first accessory for girls.’(Tsuyutsuki)

A mustard colored decorative flower ball half. ‘The height of this round shaped tsunami-zaiku brings a sense of glamour. As it has a two-way pin, you can put behind your ears casually if you have a short cut hair style’(Tsuyutsuki)

You can enjoy her various masterpieces at her HP ‘Tsumami-zaiku Tsuyutsuki’: