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Display your dress artistically


“Eau-de, Fleur”, the designer of fabric flower jewelries and accessories, frequently updates her popular blog on her life and stories behind her creations.

The photos in her blog show you her creations displayed beautifully as well as how her DIY projects have room interiors “extreme makeover”. You may be compelled by the attractive photos to scroll down to see more.

The blog is filled with many ideas which you want to incorporate into your life. Among fascinating pictures, a photo captivated me with a camisole on an iron wall hanging.

The contrast between a soft textured fabric and a steely iron object… With the additional attraction of a sweet floral item by “Eau-de, Fleur”, the combination of three creates a tender atmosphere.

By displaying your clothes on such an iron wall hanging could be a sophisticated interior decoration.

How about showing your dress for tomorrow like this? Such a “stage” for your clothes may give you another look of coordination to develop your sense of fashion.

You can see the website of “Eau-de, Fleur” at