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More fun sewing with playful bobbin organizers


There are just as many bobbins as there are sewing machine threads. How do you store bobbins? One crafter organizes bobbins by color in glass containers and displayed on a shelf. Another crafter sets out bobbins orderly on a perforated board panel. I have seen at crafters’ ateliers that bobbins are displayed as beautifully as ribbons and buttons.

“More fun to sew.” With such a thought in mind, hat & accessories designer Coco&Ami has created a playful bobbin organizer. What an amusing design! The bird’s trunk and wing are for your bobbins. Not only bobbins! You can put your thimbles in it, too. As a matter of fact, the small hat the bird is wearing is a pincushion! The magnet placed at the bottom of the hat will help you to catch scattered pins and needles. There is a thumbtack hole on the back of the bird, so it can be hung on the wall. Pretty and practical… it is indeed a great product!

This is your opportunity, how about making your own “atelier” with lovely and fun decorations? The creative atmosphere may bring you more ideas for your new projects.

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