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Hand-dyed Silk Hydrangea


Japan’s rainy season is from early June to mid-July.

While many flowers sparkle in the sunshine, the beauty of hydrangea is enhanced by the drizzling rain. The hydrangea is spectacular to our eyes by changing colors over time in the rainy season until midsummer. It may be the only thing we are looking forward to in gloomy weather… I feel that way about hydrangea.

Hand-dyed silk flower artist Atelier deco depicts the beautiful color gradation by her hand-dyed creations. She dyes each petal in natural light in an attempt at expressing the appearance of the flower. Every year at this time, she feels like making various hydrangeas.

She expresses the change of a purple hydrangea by shifting petal colors; from pale green to light purple and dark purple at last. The one in the picture above is perhaps in the early stage just prior to becoming darker.

As well as looking like real flowers, silk flowers can have a better essence of the flowers with creators’ expectations and hopes such as “It is fading. I want to preserve the flower’s beauty in its short life. ”

The reason people are fascinated with the silk flower’s beauty may be that it contains the creator’s hopes.

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