Inspiration 22
Bead embroidery bag


In Japan, we have a saying “Neither heat nor cold lasts beyond the equinox”.

Autumn has already arrived. The weather is balmy with weaker sunlight compared to summer. Some stores have finished clearance sales on summer clothes to make way for the new autumn line.

Autumn is the season to enjoy dressing up. It is almost the end of season to wear sandals and about time to put away your summer accessories such as your basket bag or linen tote. Then, don’t you want to make a chic and a bit elaborate “autumn special” bag?

The bead embroidery bag in the above picture was created by Miki Suzuki, the designer for Angelica Leaf. She added the handspun plant-dyed yarn and beads to the hand-dyed grayish-purple velveteen fabric. The material for the handles is soft leather from Italy.

Suzuki says “By tapping with a felting needle, the handspun plant-dyed yarn can stick to the fabric because the fibers get twisted. You don’t have to sew it! It is a convenient technique to add a little touch to your item.”

The artist created these flowers by using transparent seeds and bugle beads while needling leaves with the same colored embroidery thread. Such a simple work made the bag significantly stylish. By adding a tea-dyed lace, it may be classy with a vintage look.

It is said in Japan that autumn is the best season for reading. Though it is not bad idea to spend a night with a book, don’t you think needlecraft would be one way to calm your mind? Sewing on a machine in daytime, stitching by hand in the night…. Have fun on these autumn days.

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