Inspiration 23
When you get remnants…


If you subscribe to this website, you are fond of textiles, aren’t you?
While being in charge of this site and updating new fabric each week, I am one of those fabric lovers. Once a month we do a photo shoot of fabrics to be featured in the following month. Whenever I get the samples for shooting, various ideas cross my mind; “This panel pattern fabric can be a table runner!” “How about making an ornament by cutting out and stuffing this motif?”, and all that.

Sometimes I need to cut samples to make props for photo shooting. Then odd-shaped pieces from cutting cloth are left over. What do crafters make with such remnants? Wondering so, I surfed some websites posted by the artists we had featured at this site.

I found it! neige+, who recently presented how to make the round-bottom sewing case in our Craft & Sewing column, has shown practical uses for remnants in her blog. Surprisingly, that remnant is from cutting our tiketiketic print!

In the blog, neige+ wrote;

“After finishing the project requested by Kokka, I lined the remnant at the bottom of the clear tray and put it into a drawer under my sewing table♫ This drawer is usually used as a temporary storage. I considered how to organize the drawer that had been messed up with bobbins, stilettos, binding clips, and any small things. The solution was simple and so easy♪”

You can get a clear tray at reasonable price for 100 yen apiece. With the remnant, the simple container could be transformed into a colorful and delightful drawer organizer. “This tray must be for sewing materials and tools.” Everyone can say so by looking at the tiketiketic print which is depicting sewing items. That is great idea!

One more thing! This inner cloth was assembled from remnant pieces to fit the tray.

“I sewed pieces of fabric remaining after making a round-bottom sewing case, then laid it over the tray. I have not trimmed the seams. How exciting to use it with large and outstanding prints! When you have no idea what to do with remnant, before dumping them, try to make something special like a liner for a drawer?

What great advice neige+ gives us! Wishing she would advise us how to store such fabric scraps, too.

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