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Lace patchwork curtain ~ the item you may want to make in early summer


In Japan, the rainy season is still with us but it is getting hot enough to make us sweat. “Before midsummer, I better prepare for something which will keep me refreshed and cool.” If you think so, now is a good time to start!

You probably want to pick laces for your summer items, don’t you? The designer of Angelica Leaf, Miki Suzuki, has released some patchwork curtains consisting of assorted laces.

Suzuki, who can’t keep her eyes off antique laces whenever she goes abroad for buying textiles, says “There is nothing in the world that is the same among vintage laces made by highly skilled artisans. You will see various motifs in the antique ones, such as flowers, snowflakes, or stars.”

Fascinated with their dainty and sophisticate patterns, Suzuki started collecting antique laces.

The curtain in the picture above is made up with modern laces replicated of antique laces. It is fun to see each lace which has a different motif.

Patchwork curtain is a popular item for sewing lovers. But it seems, it’s not easy to buy a lot of laces for that project. How about recycling your well-worn blouse or dress shirt? It must be fun to see the pieces of fabric from your old clothes will dramatically change into a beautiful curtain.

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