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Heartwarming little houses


It is still as cold as ever. Following last week’s column on the knitted stuff, today I am featuring heartwarming miniature products.

The ceramist Yuko Kitahara created the little houses in the picture. She has produced pottery ornaments and accessories in the motif of familiar things such as house, church or bird. All are small enough to fit in your hand. Can you believe the white-walled house on the left in the picture is just 1cm wide and 3cm high?

Kitahara says, “My little houses are inspired by the stone-built castles and cottages as seen in medieval European paintings. I should be careful throughout all steps of the production process to depict old textured walls and indescribable coloration of roofs.”

Kitahara’s various little houses are displayed in solo and group exhibitions several times a year, some of which are: a farmhouse with gable roof, a honey-colored house in Provence region in France, or a castle with tower. It’s easy to lose track of time viewing those fascinating houses in different colors and styles.

If you are afraid that making pottery is too difficult, shopping for pottery at craft shows may be one of the ways you enjoy it. By putting a little pottery item on the shelf near the front door, you can make a welcoming atmosphere in the entrance hall. Add flowers or plants, and it will become a lovely interior decoration. How about pairing the pottery with sewn fabric items such as pincushion, drink coaster or yo-yo quilt to create a new synergy? Thus, pottery is a versatile product to make your living space more expressive and joyful.

The handcrafted item, even though it is little, will always warm your heart and your life. Please enjoy this cold weather with your heartwarming creations.

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