A ribbon, a girl’s favorite motif, is featured

Whether for a girly look or for a romantic appearance, a ribbon motif is adorned with a currently popular parakeet and many kinds of animals. A broadcloth material is versatile, allowing you to make both clothing and small items. From a frilly skirt to a simple dress, enjoy a cute moment with this fabric.

cocorita P-36100 100A-C Broadcloth P36100-100_2

In Italian, cocorita means parakeet. Enclosed in a ribbon, the parakeets are drawn in colors ranging from lovely pink tones to mature adult-like hues suitable for making small items.

animali   P-36100 101A-C Broadcloth P36100-101_2

This design features marching animals and ribbons over pin stripes. The blue based design is enhanced with pink colors as a cute accent and creates a lovely finish.