A fabric that makes you want to use for everyday items

For everyday clothing worn in heavy rotations and bags in use daily, you tend to choose monotone items for ease of any styling and combinations…Doesn’t that sound familiar? The featured fabric, Monochrone, is a series of simple fabrics that can be enjoyed in everyday settings. A base color with an addition of only one accent color… this is the image behind the design.

Forest P38500-500 Broadcloth P38500-500_2

This design epitomizes Monochrome. The scenery and animals of the forest are expressed in an etching style. A dress for an adult will look chic and stylish in this fabric.

Ribbon P38500-501 Broadcloth P38500-501_2

A ribbon motif comes in a simple monotone finish without being too cute. Small ribbons are spread all over the fabric and any part of the fabric is suitable for projects. Perfect for a sewing beginner, kid’s dresses and pouches will look great in this fabric.

Flower  P38500-502 Broadcloth P38500-502_2

Flower motifs like a paper cutout are aligned in the same interval. It can simply be used by itself or when combined with other designs, this fabric will add a sharp accent.