Hello Kitty

From kids to adults, a fabric to be enjoyed by everyone!

Attracted to her adorable look, Hello Kitty is loved not just by kids but by many adults. Broadly marketed not only in Japan but now in the US and Europe, her popularity is surging overseas. The Hello Kitty print featured today is an easy-to-sew thin broadcloth. When you make a large traditional quilt piece with this fabric, it will give a new twist to it.

Big Flowers G50171-1 Broadcloth

This fabric with Hello Kitty hidden in a big flower, is a reprint of a hugely popular fabric that was introduced a few years ago. This reintroduction features new colors. It has a playful design with a silhouette of Kitty’s face in the flower pattern. A bright and big flower design is a great fit as an interior décor accent piece like a throw pillow cover.

FLORA G50172-1 Broadcloth

FLORA features a beautiful design of roses and Kitty in a hand drawn look. A fabric layout was created using motifs drawn by a Sanrio designer from the European Union. The small flower design is perfect for making small items like a pouch.

ribbon G50173-1  Broadcloth

This is a unique Kitty fabric in a watercolor touch design. A cute bow on an ear, a must item for Kitty, is sprinkled all over the fabric. Matching the watercolor touch, subdued color tones are suitable for adult items. As an accessory for a modern style Kimono, a drawstring bag in this fabric will look fantastic♩

mathematics G50174-1  Broadcloth

An interesting design fabric is here showing Kitty wrestling with mathematics on a grid paper. Again, a fabric layout was created using motifs drawn by a Sanrio designer from the European Union. Kitty with glasses is also rare, isn’t she? It will be cute as a sub-bag for a tote bag, with the Kitty design peeking out from the big bag.

FancyDOLL G50175-1 Broadcloth

Hello Kitty is now considered an example of Japan’s Kawaii culture! This fabric is completely filled with such essence. It is full of girls’ favorite Kawaii elements – rainbow color, teddy bear and Hello Kitty stuffed animals. Hidden among all these Kawaii motifs is a dressed up Kitty. Using bold patterns, why not try to make a bag with a distinctive design?