Creative Thursday “the tinies”

A World of Tiny Objects Spread Throughout the Fabric

“Creative Thursday” is a blog started in 2004 by an American designer, Marisa Anne with a wishful idea, “Engaging in creative activities at least on Thursdays.”
Marissa’s lovely illustrations created a sensation through SNS and blogosphere, and this popularity led to an introduction of her picture books and children’s clothing.
Finally in 2015, her fabric series, “the tinies” has been introduced. In “the tinies”, a world of tiny objects from her blog are spread all over the fabric. All five styles are created with uniform personalities and color tones which enable you to come up with interesting combinations of fabrics.

the tinies JG50100-100 Cotton Linen Canvas 

What we consider the main characters of Creative Thursday, tiny animals, are all gathered here. Don’t these aligned animals look like they are holding hands with each other? This slightly thicker fabric will be great for making a kid’s jumper skirt and a pair of salopette.

roses JG50100-101 Cotton Linen Canvas

Roses drawn with a unique touch are very impressive in roses. The two-color combination of the roses is very fashionable, isn’t it? Small items like bags for little girls made in different colors will be very stylish.

hearts JG50100-102 Cotton Linen Canvas

hearts features very, very tiny heart designs. Closely squeezed hearts will of course be cute when used by itself, and it will also be great when used in combination with other designs. It is perfectly versatile as a transition fabric or for combinations.

tiny bears JG50200-200 Broadcloth

The design of tiny bears is slightly eccentric with warm looking bears and blocks next to each other. This thinner broadcloth fabric is recommended for clothes making, like a boy’s shirt.

flowers JG50200-201 Broadcloth

A variety of flowers are drawn all over the fabric like a flower field with a bouquet of small flowers filled with dreams. Also a thinner broadcloth, this fabric will be perfect for a cute set of a girl’s dress and scrunchy.