A tiny story for a happy everyday life

Today’s featured fabric is etocoto designed by an illustrator, eto. The etocoto series consists of five different designs, with animals and plants used as its design motifs. etocoto is made from different materials including cotton broadcloth and cotton/linen canvas to match each design’s artwork and theme. eto says, “The theme for etocoto is ‘Bringing a little more happiness to women’s everyday life!’ My design has these three elements; bright color tones, enough cuteness and stories of tiny little people. I hope you can sense these elements through this fabric. It makes me happy if touching these fabrics and designs could bring out your creative inspiration.”

Sweets Border JG 36000-1 Cotton broadcloth

  • eto_1_2
  • eto_1_3
  • eto_1_4

The wide borders on this textile look as if layers of cake were transferred over. This textile’s design inspiration comes from various kinds of cakes. Colors reflect such delicious flavor combinations as chocolate and framboise, custard and strawberry, and café au lait and berry. How tasty! When you look at the designs closely, you can spot small objects like tiny people, doors and keys. A girl’s one piece dress will definitely be a choice for this fabric’s creation.

ringo no jikan(Apple Time) JG 36000-2 Cotton broadcloth

  • eto_2_2
  • eto_2_3
  • eto_2_4

A large dot design is recreated using red and green apples. The color scheme is bright and lively. Don’t forget to take a close look at the expression of bears. The simple design with apples is lovely and suitable for making a piece of clothing or a bag. It makes you want to own both red and blue tones. This is a perfect fabric for children’s clothing.

chichana haru (Tiny spring)  JG 36100-100 Double gauze eto_100_1

  • eto_100_2
  • eto_100_3
  • eto_100_4

A work of illustration is exactly transferred onto this textile. Design motifs are tiny flowering plants that you encounter at your footsteps in early spring. A soft texture of double gauze is perfect for pale tone colors. A field of wildflower covers the entire fabric. Wherever you cut it, you will find it lovely for your project. Just like the Sweets Border, you will again have fun finding small people and insects hidden in the design. Why not use this fabric for creating baby’s bib or undershirt?

medeta bana (Joyful Flowers) JG 36200-200 Cotton/linen canvas

  • eto_200_2
  • eto_200_3
  • eto_200_4

Plenty of flowers represent the feeling of joy to celebrate someone. On the fabric, you can find flowers that are stylized into simple forms combined with small birds and hearts. Four distinct color schemes will let you choose the one that most represents your feeling of celebration. The cotton linen canvas material is a perfect fit for small pouches and bags as well as for simple schoolbag or small cases.

himitsu no hanazono  JG 36200-201 Cotton/linen canvas

  • eto_201_2
  • eto_201_3
  • eto_201_4

Taken from a work of illustration, this textile features large scale motifs. The blue represents the color of the original artwork. The design features a little crown bird taking a walk in the garden of a variety of flowers. By trimming the fabric in many different ways, this fun textile will let you enjoy a variety of images. A blue night, purple moonlit night, spring garden and early summer garden are four color variations. The material, cotton/linen canvas, is suitable for such interior décor projects as a cushion cover.