Inspiration 26
A pendant necklace in the motif of mushrooms


Fall has reached its climax. Edible mushrooms are a feature of the fall season in Japan and there are a variety of mushrooms in grocery stores. Matsutake mushrooms, which are recognized as one of gourmet foods in Japan, are regally displayed for sale in extravagant wooden boxes. Shiitake, Enoki, Shimeji, and Maitake which you may know as hen-of-the woods are also lined up. Indeed, it is exhaustive collection of mushrooms!

Since mushrooms are a popular motif with crafters, it attracts more attention especially in fall. The toadstool pendant necklace in the above picture was made by the jewelry maker named “hirokoto-no-niwakara”. The chain is combined with a metallic piece of squirrel motif. She says, “I used an acrylic film to transfer the image of toadstool for the pendant. It’s the scene where a squirrel is looking at poisonous mushrooms.”

Her website “hirokoto-no-kusojikkenshitsu” includes web content of mushrooms. The site features pictures of various mushrooms and items & fabrics of mushroom motif. Check it out if you are a mushroom lover!

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