Inspiration 33
Flower bouquet necklace you can wear many ways


During the holiday season, many shops offer elaborate gift-wrapping service with specialized papers, ribbons and bows in glamorous gold & silver or in girly pastel colors. The catchy packaging and wrapping intensify our desire to buy a present for someone special.

But wait! Don’t you want to reward yourself for your hard work? If so, why not look in a jewelry store? In the picture are the two-strand necklaces by Hiroka Natsume who produces jewelries for her brand named “positive edge”.

Natsume says, “My necklace collection with a detachable pendant that can be worn as a brooch is inspired by a flower bouquet. I am always fussy about arrangement of parts and beads to effectively show each of the various vintage beads. As you see, the inner strand and outer strand differ in appearance. While the outer has a retro-look with matte beads, the inner is more radiant with transparent gemstones and vintage beads.”

This collection can be broken down into their components, to be worn together as a set or separately as necklace and brooch. The transformable jewelry gives you different options to accessorize your clothes.

She continues, “It can be used for most occasions. For example, a plain black turtleneck sweater that is the most popular and versatile outerwear in winter will become more stylish with the necklace. Depending on the occasion or even on your mood, it can be used as a single strand necklace, as a two-strand necklace, as a brooch or pendant on a necklace. You can enjoy it in many ways.”

Natsume who is also a personal color & style consultant sometimes helps to find costume jewelry to suit her customer. “Costume jewelry to enhance your charm may vary by its coloration, material or design” she says.

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