Inspiration 44
A snowman with vintage pearls


Just back to the memory of a snowy day in Tokyo.

On the day we had the record snowfall, a lot of pictures related to snow were posted on Facebook and Instagram: a school playground covered with snow, a train stuck in the snow, and even grown-up people enjoying a friendly snowball fight. The picture here is what I was most fascinated by. It is the one posted on Instagram by a jewelry designer Kaori Sato.

Sato commented in her Instagram, “The snow piled up a lot on the balcony of my house and flowerpots were completely under the snow. While digging up one pot, I started playing; shaping snow into a snowman, placing eyes, mouth, arms and the pot for a hat, and then pretending to rescue the snowman from the deep snow. Well, to be honest, I had to rescue the vintage pearls used as his eyes since they were the gift from my friend in Paris and very precious to me.”

With vintage pearl eyes? How stylish the snowman is! His eyes are seemingly uneven, and is it just an optical illusion? Or, is each of the vintage pearls actually unequal in size? Anyway, what an exquisite presentation with gold “merci” necklace!

The ways to have fun vary with the seasons. This Sato’s project made from natural snow was not her regular work but very enjoyable sideline. While the snow on her house’s balcony has all gone, the pot from the snow is now ready for planting spring flowers. And, the vintage pearls which once became snowman’s eyes are now beautiful jewelry by Sato.

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