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Daily Scenes through Pictures


One day, an array of pineapples was outside the front of a fancy grocery store. “How pretty!” I spontaneously grabbed my smart-phone to shoot the scene. This picture is one scene of my daily life.

While the smart-phone market share is expected to increase, the Japanese mobile phones that had been dominant in Japan are now mockingly referred to as “Gala-kei”(*). Indeed, a smart-phone is convenient to take pictures. Moreover it is easy to share your pictures via smart-phone to social network such as Twitter or Facebook. Thus, taking pictures become more enjoyable as well as seeing photos posted by others.

Instagram is one of most popular apps to view photographs. As Twitter is a text-based social networking, Instagram is a photos based network. You are able to share your photos with friends to see and follow your favorite posters’ photos.

Crafters like to post their own products on the net to attract public attention. In fact, using such a photo site is very effective to cultivate your taste and sense.

Photos posted from around the world give you ideas you have never had before. By collecting the photos that attract your attention, you will create your own idea notebook.

Photographs can be shared with people in the world even if you don’t understand the language. Perhaps you can be inspired by other people’s daily lives.

”Gala-kei” is the coined word created from a Japan-born word “Galapagosization” and a Japanese word “keitai” (= cellular phone). “Galapagosization” is a Japanese business term that refers to isolated developed products especially for the domestic market which causes a major hindrance to the global deployment. Because the phenomenon is just like the Galapagos Islands with isolated flora and fauna in which led to Darwin’s theory of evolutionary, the word “Galapagosization” was born.