“Showa Retro” collection

Redesigned Showa Fabrics with Contemporary Sensibility

In Japan, both the Gregorian calendar and the traditional Japanese calendar with eras based on the reigning emperors have been used. The period from 1926 to 1989 is called “Showa era” corresponding to the reign of the Emperor Showa.

cocca is a textile store located in Tokyo, and has its own brand fabrics and goods. Among cocca’s unique fabrics, we cover “Showa Retro” collection here. The nostalgic fabrics designed almost 50 years ago have just been revived with different color schemes to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle. The amusing patterns and extraordinary color sense in Showa era inspired cocca to create this collection.

Because of the running pattern of small motifs, “Showa Retro” is great for any project, such as apparel or small items. The pattern also fits anyone regardless of age. Isn’t it fun to dress in matching clothes with your kids?” cocca says.

“Showa Retro” collection consists of a various materials like cotton satin and dobby. You are able to enjoy comparing each texture as well as patterns.

koushi  JGC-100 1A, JGC-1001B, JGC-1001C


  • cocca_koushi2
  • cocca_koushi3

This is a glossy fabric using cotton satin. The contrast between colors of hand-drawn “koushi” (plaid) and off-white foundation for spring-summer season is outrageous. The classic checkered fabric works well for clothing.

konomi JGC-101 1A, JGC-101 1B, JGC-101 1C


  • cocca_konomi2
  • cocca_konomi3
  • cocca_konomi4

This durable fabric made of cotton dobby is perfect for home décor such as cushions or curtains. The design where large dots resemble “konomi” (nuts) is characterized by the 4 color combinations and the appearance of silk-screen-like printing. The colors are saturated and overlapped…. it is like a watercolor painting. Somehow the fabric is pretty and nostalgic.

bara pop  JGC-102 1A, JGC-102 1B, JGC-102 1C


  • cocca_bara2
  • cocca_bara3
  • cocca_bara4

This cotton/linen blend fabric has the linen’s crisp texture and color shade. It is a pop design that brightly colored “bara” (roses) are spread on hand-drawn-like gingham.

hana circle JGC-103 1A, JGC-103 1B, JGC-103 1C


  • cocca_hana2
  • cocca_hana3
  • cocca_hana4

It looks as if small “hana” (flowers) swirl to make geometrical circles on this sheer rayon fabric.

tile JGC-104 1A, JGC-104 1B, JGC-104 1C


  • cocca_tille2
  • cocca_tille3
  • cocca_tille4

The 100% Tufcell (polynosic fiber) fabric is characterized by elasticity and wrinkle-resistant, that is, this is perfect for apparel. This classic tile pattern looks as if it’s drawn by hand. You can enjoy its playful colorations.