Showa Retro

Japanese Style Design with Nostalgic Motifs

A nostalgic fabric with a feel of the “Showa” era is here. In olden days, workers at shoyu (soy sauce) and liquor stores used to wear this type of apron… this is the concept behind the design of this series. This thick #8 canvas textile looks gorgeous with gold lamé treatment.

*Showa era – A Japanese period from 1926 to 1989, often referred to as nostalgic era.

Dharma Doll P38100-100 #8 Canvas P38100-100_2

This design features Dharma dolls, a motif that is believed to bring happiness. Like the saying, “Life is full of ups and downs” – a fallen Dharma is part of the design with the wishes that one recovers from a hardship.

Signboard P38100-101 #8 Canvas P38100-101_2

The motif for this design is retro signboards. Japanese letters of Katakana and Kanji bring back old memories. With an ample thickness, a one-piece fabric bag will be perfect to make.