Kwiat druk

Flower motif fabric inspired by the tableware from Eastern Europe

Simple, warm and somewhat nostalgic tableware and everyday goods from Eastern Europe are quickly gaining popularity among Japanese people who adore lovely things. The series featured today is created with an inspiration from Eastern European tableware. The name of the series, Kwiat druk, means floral print in Polish.

scatter P34700-700 60 Sateen P34700-700_2

scatter features floral borders in different sizes and designs. You could turn a simple straight-line dress or tunic into something lovely with the border as an accent for the hem.

abundant P34700-701 60 Sateen P34700-701_2

  • P34700-701_3
  • P34700-701_4
  • P34700-701_5

Large flowers and small flowers….. the flowers are all over the fabric like a flower carpet. To recreate a nostalgic feel, classic color tones were selected.

random P34800-800  #10 Canvas P34800-800_2

Larger flowers are randomly placed all over the fabric. The flowers with soft touch create a gentle feel. A solid and slightly thicker #10 canvas is perfect for making a tote bag.