HANAg (Hanagram)

A textile born with a concept, “Designs made with flowers.”

HANAg is a vivid design fabric with a row of beautiful flowers and delicious-looking fruit. Emi, an art director with a history of creating a variety of items related to flowers, and Yoko, a flower artist and photographer, are the designers of this series. “What would it look like if you design a pattern using flowers? Like flowers and a monogram combination…” (by Emi) With such freewheeling thinking, Yoko’s floral arrangements were photographed and then turned into a textile designed by Emi. Delicate color nuances are beautifully recreated by using an inkjet printing technique.

Apple JG50000-1A Oxford (Ox) Inkjet

“In the beginning, there was the color. Based on this idea, we selected the material. We wanted to design red motifs using apples. And we came up with this fabric!” (by Emi) Red…apples…gerbera daisies. Like a word association game, ‘red’ flowers and fruit are connected together. Round apples look like large polka dots. The dress made with this fabric will make a girl look mighty cute!

Grape JG50000-2A  Oxford (Ox) Inkjet

The theme color for Grape is purple. “Purple roses are preserved flowers. Hydrangea, muscari, gerbera daisy and carnation are put together.” (by Yoko) Even in this decorative design, the freshness of the grapes is well-expressed. It’s the HANAg style.

Carrot JG50000-3A Oxford (Ox) Inkjet

A floral bouquet on top of the carrot! This design is full of playfulness. An appetizing orange and green color gradation is perfect for making items for kitchen and tables.

Fruit Panel  JG50000-4A Oxford (Ox) Inkjet

Flowers and fruit like apple, grape, carrot, asparagus, bell pepper and peach, are placed in this panel fabric. Utilizing the panel’s size and design, interior décor items that require only straight sewing, like throw pillows and place mats will be perfect.