petite ecole (for girls)

Featuring little girls’ favorite motifs, strawberry and cat design fabric is here!

It is now time to start creating items in preparation for the new school year in Japan. For the upcoming season, Kokka Fabric is introducing a fabric line called petite ecole, the name that means “small school” in French. For sewing beginner moms who are making school items for the first time, Kokka focused on delivering a fabric panel. With pre-designed patterns, the fabric panel is easy for sewing beginners to make such school items as a lesson bag, a bag for shoes and a drawstring bag.
petite ecole is for both boys and girls. The girls’ petite ecole, featuring little girls’ favorite motifs, strawberry and cats, is presented this time. The boys’ petite ecole is here!

Strawberry Panel P33400-400 Oxford (Ox)

Using one whole panel (about 97cm), you can make five different bags – a lesson bag, large and small drawstring bags, a lunch bag and a bag for shoes. Incorporating the green scallop design on one side like the top part of a strawberry, a lovely strawberry drawstring bag can be created.

Strawberry Border  P33410-10 Oxford (Ox)

Large and small strawberry designs fill this border fabric. Using two different sizes, you can make a bag with a design transition. A kid’s dress with the border hem will look very lovely!

Piano Panel P33400-401 Oxford (Ox)

The “Flea Waltz”, a combination of cat and piano, is the theme of this fabric panel. You can make a drawstring bag using the border design and a lesson bag using the whole piano panel. A not-too-cute black cat adds a stylish look to the items for a new school year.

Black Cat P33410-11 Oxford (Ox)

This fabric features slightly prim looking black cats in different seated positions. A simple black cat in a small pattern is perfect for making school goods as well as for small cases.