petite ecole (for boys)

Featuring little boys’ favorite motifs, trains and dinosaur design fabric is here!

petite ecole, a perfect fabric for making school items, is here. Following the introduction of a series for girls, petite ecole for boys is here.

Trains – Fabric Panel  P33400-402 Oxford (Ox)

Trains are popular motifs for boys’ new school year items. The items made with this fabric, a lesson bag uniquely using the fabric panel and a shoes case with a wide front view of the train, are fun to carry around.

Dinosaur – Fabric Panel  P33400-403 Oxford (Ox)

The dinosaur fabric panel has a repeating design of dinosaurs and bones. On the front you see the dinosaurs and the bones appear on the back…such fun can be added to the items made for a new school year.

Trains on the Track P33410-12 Oxford (Ox)

With color tones in a slightly Scandinavian style, this fabric features running trains all around on a track. As the color scheme is simple, combining this fabric with a fabric panel will look lovely.

American Comic Book Style Dinosaurs P33410-13 Oxford (Ox)

With word balloons, the design reminds you of an American comic book. Unusual for a boys’ fabric, the use of a pop color like yellow is matching the American comic style pattern. It is a great fabric for sewing!