Dinosaur Land

A lovely dinosaur design that is perfect for school and book bags!

In Japan, the new school year starts in the spring time and many schools require certain types of handmade bags for students to carry. Beginning in the previous fall, parents start to get busy planning what types of school items they will make for the new school year. Kokka Fabric annually introduces a fabric series with characters perfect for these school goods. Today’s fabric, Dinosaur Land, will surely be loved by boys. Dinosaur is currently a very popular motif in Japan, seen everywhere from stickers, notebooks to a variety of stationery items. For a quick English lesson, alphabets and dinosaurs are blended into the design. This fabric is perfect not only for school bags but also for a bottled drink holder or a large bag that you can carry to afterschool football or baseball practices.

Mini Dinosaur P24900-900 #10 Canvas

  • di_900_2
  • di_900_3
  • di_900_4

This tiny print fabric is perfect for making small goods such as a bottled drink holder or a school bag. The lovely color tones reflect the strokes similarly created by colored pencils. It is an ideal fabric for making children’s shirts.

Dinosaur Card  P24900-901 #10 Canvas

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  • di_901_4

With this distinct print of dinosaur and alphabets, you can simply enjoy making a book bag. Also using it as a tapestry may be a great idea for learning the names of the dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Border P24900-902 #10 Canvas

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Make good use of a border print to create a smock or a large item like a bag that can carry many articles. The use of fluorescent yellow and pink is really eye-catching.