Tiny motifs in succession, reminiscent of a Scandinavian wooden toy

The name of today’s fabric, toistaa means “in succession” in Finnish. As the name indicates, tiny motifs are closely lined throughout the fabric. Wherever you cut, it brings out the same cuteness. It is a perfect fabric to use for beginning crafters.
With tiny print designs, it suits making small cases. By adding a contrasting color piping, you can create a lovely Scandinavian style apron for kids.

Hippo P25500-500 Oxford (OX)

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  • toi_500_4

With flowers and trees surrounding the hippo, this design reminds you of wooden toys. Compared to other fabrics in this series, Hippo has a larger print design. A bag for everyday use may be a good choice for a project.

Owl  P25500-501 Oxford (OX)

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In Japan, an owl is said to bring good luck and are often treated as lucky charms.
It is also popular in Europe and the US, used as a design motif for everyday items. Though owls are usually expressed in somber color tones, this fabric creates a pop look through the use of colorful palettes.

Bear P25500-502 Oxford (OX) 

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With a little aloof expression, this bear character looks very therapeutic. The monotone color theme is versatile in creating different items. A drawstring bag or small tote bag to complement your purse will be a good choice. You could create a lovely embroidery piece by stitching over the profile of bears on the white tone fabric.