Before you know it, a month has passed since we celebrated the New Year.
It is already March.
In April, with the arrival of a new season, another school year will begin.
Kokka is introducing a variety of design fabrics for the season – from animals to dinosaurs.
As featured in the craft & sewing column, these fabrics in single colors are so versatile, and we are introducing three designs that can definitely be used beyond school year items.

First, the Dinosaur.
It is a popular design among boys. The letters placed inside the dinosaur are the accents.
The letter design is a well-liked motif and you see many items featuring the letters offered at the Zakka general merchandise stores.
With this fabric, a clutch bag is created instead of a school item.

p-44700 700 800eph

Next is Robot.
Robot is also a popular standard motif for boys.
With this design, a backpack is created.
This bag, made without a lining, is light enough to pop in your bag to be used as a reusable shopping bag.
p-44700 701dph

Last, but not least is the Cat, another popular motif.
Two of the cat designs were featured among the best three of Kokka’s monthly popular design rankings.
This bag will look cute as a sub bag to accompany your purse.

p-44700 702d

Though we had a new school year in mind, the featured projects turned out to be non-school items.
This link also introduces variety of designs and project ideas suitable for school goods. Hope you will enjoy it.