A Very Popular Textile from Finland

Fabrics from Scandinavian countries tend to have sophisticated designs. Their vivid colors put you in a lively mood and they are very popular for interior décor items. Today’s fabric comes from one of the most prominent and long-established Finnish textile design manufacturers, Finlayson, which has been in business since 1820. The design studio of Finlayson was established in 1951. The print fabric created by their design team is so popular that you will find their fabric literally in every household in Finland. Under the theme “fresh and sophisticated pleasure,” the new collections are introduced twice a year with two design lines, trendy and classic. Kokka is introducing five designs from the new collection. Three designs are featured in today’s column.


AJATUS design by Anu Saari,year 2006 JG-43100-1 Oxford (Ox)

  • JG43100-1_2
  • JG43100-1_3
  • JG43100-1_4

The name “Ajatus” means “a thought or an idea.” The design presents lined-up pandas in a pensive mood. With a 160cm width, it is mainly suitable for interior décor items, but it can also be turned stylishly into clothing like a dress and a shirt or a bag.

POP design by Susanna Sallinen, year 2011 JG43100-2 Oxford (Ox)

  • JG43100_2_2
  • JG43100_2_3
  • JG43100_2_4

The design is so rhythmic and lively, it is as if it were going to pop. A curtain made from this fabric with large oval motifs will be very striking. It can also look cute as a dress.

TAIMI design by Aini Vaari, year 1961 JG-43000-1 Pripela

  • JG43000_1_2
  • JG43000_3
  • JG43000_1_4

The name “Taimi” means a small plant or a seed. It is also a popular girl’s name. A succession of unique flower motif design looks traditional yet stylish. This is a Pripela fabric, woven with a thick and thin thread which creates a patterned indented surface.