Finlayson 2

A 160cm wide-width fabric that is perfect for interior décor

Continued from our last story, we are again introducing a Finnish textile, Finlayson. With a slightly wider width of 160cm, Finlayson’s fabric is perfect for making interior décor items such as slipcovers and curtains. The two designs we are featuring this week are both 60 Satin. This thin and smooth fabric is suitable for making a garment like the slip dress we introduced in the previous Craft & Sewing column.


KEISARI design by Sami Vulli, year 2012 JG-43200 60Satin

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The name “KEISARI” means “an emperor.” As the name depicts, it has a dynamic design with a peacock nobly and proudly spreading his beautiful tail feathers.

CORONNA design by Aini Vaari, year 1958 JG-43200-2 60Satin

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CORONNA from the 1950s is a symbol of Finlayson with a geometric and rhythmic design.The fabrics featured at that time with a catch phrase “a touch of luxury to daily life” still remain attractive and create the stylish interior.