Creating items that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Today’s textile has bright color tones that make you want to use it for springtime’s first project. The name of the series is called Joielinne, a French coined word meaning thrilling and exciting. Created under the theme “Family Outing,” it is a perfect fabric for the season where you want to take off a bulky coat and go out to enjoy fresh air. For dad, mom and children…we hope you enjoy making creations for your entire family.

random hound’s tooth P-26800-800 Double Gauze

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  • P26800-800_3
  • P26800-800_4

Transformed hounds tooth pattern is randomly placed throughout the fabric. This soft texture double gauze has a refreshing white background combined with calm dark tones. Its fluffy feel is suited for making a dress, pillow case or handkerchief.

stripe patch P-26800-801 Double Gauze

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  • P26800_801_4

Various designs including flowers and polka dots are combined to create a striped design. Just like the random hound’s tooth, this fabric is made of double gauze in colorful and pop tones. It is perfect for baby and kid’s clothing as well as for a skirt for grownups. It creates a strikingly beautiful look.

random patch P-26900 900 Cotton Cloth

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  • P26900_900_4

A variety of shapes are randomly patchworked. Cotton cloth is a fabric with a little tension, so it is great for making clothing as well as bags. A stuffed animal’s body would look cute with this patchworked-look fabric.

border patch P-26900 901 Cotton Cloth

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  • P26900_901_4

Borders with different widths are combined to create a patchworked-look. To make it versatile for men’s use, the tone is colorful yet the design is simple. Matching items for dad and son would make it a fun project.