the more you use it, the softer it gets.

The Joielinne series of fabric is here again. With a variety of materials, this is a fabric that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Today we are featuring a yarn-dyed chambray double gauze fabric. Gauze is perfect for garments as it becomes softer and softer as you use it. With same base colors, these four different designs can be enjoyed by combining and pairing pieces together.

random dot P27000-700 Chambray double gauze

  • P27000_700_2
  • P27000_700_3
  • P27000_700_4

The hand-drawn style random polka dots in various sizes cover this fabric. The gradation of pale color tones creates a beautiful look. Hair accessories like a scrunchy will look cute in this fabric.

random flower P27000-701   Chambray double gauze

  • P27000-701_2
  • P27000-701_3
  • P27000-701_4

With tiny flowers all over the fabric, it will make such a cute dress for girls. Even with the gathering, it will not look coarse and the texture remains soft and fluffy.

map meisai P27000-702 Chambray double gauze

  • P27000-702_2
  • P27000-702_3
  • P27000-702_4

A uni-sex camouflage-print is suited for both men’s and women’s items. Looking at it closely, the design is of a world map. Can you tell that a tiny map of Japan is in there?

solid  P27010-10  Chambray double gauze

  • P27010-10_2
  • P27010-10_3
  • P27100_10_4

A solid color fabric that can be used to enjoy various combinations. As the pictures show, a simple paring of different solid colors creates a soft feel.