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Puffy zip pouches with happy flower print


As you know from the last article, the grand prize for the Third Annual Kokka Textile Competition went to Natsuki Camino who draws illustrations for magazines and advertisements. In addition to Camino’s illustrations, Kokka has many alluring prints designed by illustrators.

eto is one of the illustrators who has created designs for Kokka’s textiles. She produces her original zakka*) items from own brand “etocoto”, under the theme of “enhancing a little more happiness for women’s daily life!” The illustrator mentions that she includes these three elements in her designing artworks; bright color tones, enough cuteness, and stories of tiny little people.

Each of five fabrics designed by eto for Kokka, which were featured in our Textile Story column last October, has a small story and of course contains the three aforementioned elements. (Click here for details on etocoto fabric collection.) In the picture are items eto has sewn by herself using her joyful floral print named “medeta-bana”. The title is “HAPPY FLOWERS ~ puffy pouch with medeta-bana happy flowers”.

eto says, “There are four distinct color schemes in this medeta-bana print; vivid red, green, dark brown, and light spring color. Even if the pattern is the same, it can give a very different impression and image by color. The print is full of motifs such as flowers, hearts, and shamrocks, making you so happy. For these pouches, I picked red and green to cheer you up. The size is perfect to tote your makeup stuff. The branding tab sewn unremarkably into the side seam was made from a navy blue ribbon. The characteristic point of the pouch is the vintage flower button on its body.

A zip pouch with gusset is one of the most popular handmade products as well as the item of practical use. eto continues, “It could be lovely with a ladybug (instead of the flower button). If you use brown or spring-like print, why don’t you have your pouch embellished with lace? In any print or color of fabric, such a simple formed pouch can bring out your originality and creative inspiration.”

eto had a showing of her works made from etocoto fabrics at Niji Gallery in Kichijoji, Tokyo, in mid March. The five different fabrics in etocoto collection, zakka items from her own brand, and even a making kit for this pouch was on sale there, too. It was worth visiting!

For further information about the coming exhibition and her creative activity, please check her blog at

*) zakka: originally a Japanese term meaning “many things”, is also used for all the cute little items that improve your home appearance such as household items, stationeries, and accessories.